welcome to the new!

Happy new year, ev'rybody!

I'm still working on some details, but I very much appreciate your visit to my -finally!-updated website. Sometimes I spend so much time in real life, I neglect to maintain my "internet presence" but this year is going to be different! There's just too much art that I want to share, and too many beautiful people that I'd love to share it with.

I don't even know where to begin to catch you up on what I've been studying/writing/ making, so I will just start with the freshest.

A review came out today on the Rogue Art Research & Writing Journal website, please read it here, that I would consider one of the most thoughtful pieces written about my art. The author, Suzanne Walsh, is a fantastic artist with a similar curiosity about nature and our relationship to it, which must explain why her eloquently chosen words seem to connect with my work in a way that I hadn't yet been able to verbalize myself.

Her review of the show, "Where the Sidewalk Ends", that I curated in November at Artists Republic for Tomorrow (AR4T) Gallery in Laguna Beach also grasped the sentiment behind the collection of paintings, drawings and installations with an understanding and perspective that I think makes feedback by your peers so critical to the creative process.

Which is one big reason that I'm so delighted to be part of the growing community in Orange County of emerging and independent artists/galleries who are willing to participate in order to create a local art scene that we've all been needing. The efforts of gallery owners like Torrey Cook, who formed the OC Artists Republic site, writers like Evan Senn and Andrea Steedman who formed RARW and artists like Suzanne who contribute to these sites, keep us informed and therefore inspired. 

Looks like I'm heading towards a call to action here...let's see, to sum it up I'd say, think about putting this on your resolution list:

"This year, I will do more to support and encourage artists and handmade craftspeople with my attention, my wallet, and my voice! "

Thank you!!